About us

The Teccon company was established with the aim to use the potential of a team of people who have know each other and have been cooperating for years. This is a well-organized team and our dream has been to work in a company where we can use the experience we have gained. This dream have come true as a result of many coincidental events.

The name of our company, Teccon, comes from the words technology and concept. It expresses the idea of combining the creativity and conceptual thinking along with the know-know in technology and automation of the production processes. In our opinion, it is a great chance to achieve a success today and in the future. Many Polish companies start to see the need of investment in the automation of production processes that consequently bring benefits. Similar solutions work well worldwide. Evidence? It’s worth brining some facts: there are 18 industrial robots for 10 thousand employees in Poland, in Germany the figure amounts to 273 robots. The average in the world is 58 robots.
Invitation to cooperation
Our offer is directed to all who want to save time and money as well as those who want to overtake the competition and achieve the leader position in their field.
Teccon team

Loaders for display type packaging with removable cover
Pick and Place type loaders
Side Loaders
Case packers
Devices for sorting and distributions of products
Product packaging systems designed to individual requirements
Complete packing lines
Machines for forming and opening cartons Case Erector
Automatic systems for gluing cartons
Distribution feeders for flow-packs of high efficiency
Complete lines for products collecting
Automatic lines for cutting and folding wipers
Automatic lines for cutting sponges and washing-up cloths
Machines for grouping and packing products
Flow pack machines
Machines using industrial robots
Robotized applications
Transporting systems – conveyors
Tailor made special devices
Technical consulting